Knit 0, Purl 0

August 17, 2010 at 12:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Dear Friends,

It is my happy, happy pleasure to advise that you may put away your knitting needles, knitting nancies, crochet hooks and other crafty implements. I will not be requiring a beanie. I received the good news last week (forgive my tardy announcement) that both the sentinel node and tissue margins surrounding the tumour were clear. There were some changing cells in the margins but they, along with their cancerous parent were dispatched to a petrie dish and given to Mr P Mac for analysis and eventual disposal.

The cancer was found to be of a type that is particularly fond of munching on girly hormones. As I am not predisposed to having my ovaries removed and being plunged into a menopausal state (despite my proximity to its eventuality) my hormones must now venture forth incognito. Through the aid of a medication called Tamoxifen they will be disguised as something that cancer cells cannot recognise  (nya, nya, nya). Because they’re my hormones and they’re probably just as immature as I am, I can see them doing sneaky little two finger salutes as those visa-less cancer cells pass them by. Oh, I think I’m visualising!

Aside from disguise and visualisation, the other treatment I will be having is radiotherapy. I haven’t seen the radiologist yet so I’m not sure exactly when this will begin and how long it will last. I know that I will have to front up to the Repat five times a week and it’s been suggested that it will be for around six to eight weeks. I’ll find out more about it in a few days. Given that the cancer was completely removed and the medication will starve any stray cancer cells, chemo is not something I will have to suffer. I am a very lucky person.

My sentinel node, bless its little heart, was sacrificed unnecessarily. Brave little soldier – its days of guarding the rest of its armpit buddies are over. I read its epitaph in the Peter Mac report with a touch of melancholy but I am so pleased I don’t have to go back for more surgery to have the rest of the battalion removed. Having just one taken out has resulted in a very strange numbness in my underarm and back. It now feels like your face feels after you’ve been to the dentist and had a filling. I’m told this is normal but it feels pretty weird to me.

Have a look at this:

Indiscriminate randomness had nothing to do with me getting cancer. I now realise I was bound to get it!


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  1. kylie said,

    yay yay yay for Jacinta, and ner ner, ner ner ner to the cancer.

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